The Truth Is...

90% of what is taught in most martial arts schools, self defense seminars and videos...just won't work on the street!

Have you been searching for a simple, yet effective
method of self-defense that really works?

Have you figured out yet that most martial arts
schools, videos and seminars teach a lot of stuff
that doesn't work on the street?

Is there really a way you can learn to defend
yourself in virtually any situation, quickly and easily?

Dear Friend,

After over 37 years of studying and teaching martial arts I can tell you beyond any doubt that most of what is being taught today in martial arts schools, seminars and videos... just won't work in a real street attack!

It's true. And it's a darn shame. So many unsuspecting, poorly trained and totally clueless folks are walking around with a false security. They believe the moves and techniques they were taught in their local martial arts school or a seminar they attended, will really work in an honest to goodness, no holds barred, street attack.

So, what's wrong with most traditional training?

Let me tell you...

I have been teaching martial arts for a many years. For a long time I taught much the same way everyone else did. Sure it worked fine in the studio, but I often wondered how it would work on the street.

I had heard and read about experienced black belts being utterly trounced by ordinary street thugs. What about what I was teaching? Would it really work if called upon, to protect my students and their loved ones?

This question bothered me for a long time.

But it wasn’t until I had the chance to fight the “Bulletman”
that I really learned what would work on the street!

Let me explain. A number of years ago I was attending a national martial arts convention. This guy was up on stage talking about adrenaline stress response training. I had never heard about it at the time. The instructor was talking about the effects of fear induced adrenaline on the mind and body during an actual street attack. I was intrigued.

The speaker asked for a few volunteers. Several men and a women were chosen to go up on stage. The next thing that happened had most of us feeling the effects of adrenaline, right in our seats.

This guy comes out in this weird looking suit. He has football shoulder pads and some obvious groin protection. On his head he wore a huge piece of headgear which I found out later was a professional football helmet with four layers of special density foam padding wrapped in silver tape.

They called this ‘monster’ the Bulletman, obviously because of the silver round headgear that looked like the top of a bullet. One of the volunteers was asked to come out. The instructions were to try to maneuver around the Bulletman without getting too close. If the Bulletman attacked they could strike him full force into the groin and head.

The action began…

The Bulletman starts screaming at this guy. He shouts obscenities at him. He taunts him. He faints attacks as he threatens the guy. I could feel my gut shaking just sitting there. Then suddenly the Bulletman attacks. The poor guy attempts some foolhardy kick which embarrassingly misses the mark by about a foot. Next a punch that had less impact than my eight year old grandson could muster. After a few more minutes of this hideous display a women instructor blows a whistle and the whole thing is over.

A few more volunteers and about the same result. Now here is the interesting part. Everyone of these volunteers were experienced black belts. Some were school owners with a dozen years or so of experience.

So why did this happen?

They all fell prey to the natural effects of adrenaline on the mind and body. Adrenaline is the natural result of fear induced aggression. It really can’t be stopped, but it can be focused and used. These black belt volunteers had tried to use their dojo techniques (traditional martial arts techniques). What they hadn’t anticipated was that the adrenaline had dulled their senses. It minimized their fine motor skills, it gave them tunnel vision and even affected their cognitive thinking.

With out taking this adrenal rush into account, effective street self defense cannot be accomplished. To be effective, each technique must be simple, direct and not require fine motor coordination.

So this is what I did...

First, I got fully trained in adrenal stress self-defense training. I found out what would and wouldn't work under what we call the 'adrenal dump'.

This is what I learned:

  • The natural effect of real aggression causes what is called an "adrenaline dump". This fear induced high volume shot of adrenaline is normal and natural and cannot be stopped, even by experienced black belts.
  • The effects of this "adrenaline dump" can be devastating, especially if you are not prepared for it.
  • The main problem is that many of the techniques that are taught in traditional training are too tricky or too complicated for the average person to properly execute. This is especially true under the duress of an all out street attack. Techniques that are highly complicated tend not to be executed properly, if at all, when the pressure is on and adrenaline levels are high.
  • Many of the systems use joint locks and pressure points that require years of training to properly execute. Sometimes even when they are applied properly to someone who has an unusual amount of joint flexibility or a high resistance to pain, they don’t work.
  • Many of the arts teach kicking techniques that are great for the studio or for sport competition, but are all but useless on the street. Unfortunately many of the practitioners of these arts are led to believe that they can really use these kicks effectively in a combat situation. They end up with a false security believing they can defend themselves with such techniques. In reality, if they ever have to really fight, they usually get themselves into trouble very quickly.
  • Many techniques require years of training or are just impossible to learn unless you are under the direct training of the master instructor. You cannot learn these properly from a video, book or seminar. They take years to perfect, even under the supervision of an expert instructor.
  • Allot of what is taught is just fluff! It doesn't stand a chance to work in a real street attack!
The Solution!

The solution was developing a system that contained the following benefits:

  1. It had to address the inevitable adrenaline dump which is the natural effect of fear induced aggression.
  2. It had to be simple enough to teach students in days or weeks instead of years!
  3. It had to be effective regardless of the body type of the attacker.
  4. It had to be quick, effective and decisive!
  5. It had to address real street "situations" instead of the typical studio environment.
  6. It had to contain a minimum amount of techniques. This was necessary as research has shown that as few as a handful of techniques can be recalled when fully "adrenalized".
  7. It had to be designed to defeat a much larger and stronger attacker!
  8. It had to be easy to learn.
  9. Additionally it had to be direct, powerful and yet simple and straight forward enough to be taught through video based training.

So I went to work analyzing, adjusting, changing, modifying and fine tuning everything I was doing and teaching in my self defense program. Believe me, it wasn't easy, even for an 'expert' with over 30 years of training at the time.

During the next several years I searched everywhere and every way to simplify, and improve every aspect of our self-defense system. This search included going to seminars, visiting other schools, bringing in guest instructors and reviewing close to 100 self defense videos.

I was sifting through masses of information to pick up a gem here and there. Every thing I learned and tried had to go through what I call the "Adrenal Stress Filter'. It had to work under duress and high adrenal states. Slowly I made changes to what we taught and how we taught it. Constantly modifying, perfecting and refining our program to what it is today.

We discovered that there were about 30 common street attacks that we had to deal with. Sure, there were others, but they were really just variations of the basic thirty.

We took each one of these possible attacks and developed a system that took into consideration the 'adrenal dump' which causes us to freeze up and lose fine motor coordination.

We eliminated any response that did not fit into this reality. We added more simple, direct and extremely effective strikes, moves and techniques that could be learned simply and easily. And, did not require years of training.

Finally we condensed this entire process into a simple, organized system of instruction. To help our students learn the system we decided to carefully put the entire process on video. It's done in a step by step manner so that even a total beginner can learn it.

Listen to what just a few of my students have to say...

"I've trained with other instructors, even in the military, but Shihan Pace's system of self defense is the most effective and practical by far."

S. Christensen, Hamburg, NJ

"Having trained over 20 years in Uechi Ryu karate before coming to Mr. Pace, I had an extensive background in self defense. I've learned more about street fighting tactics in the last two years than in my 20 years of prior training."

J. Burka, Wantage, NJ

"As a women, it's important that your first strike is your best one, as you might not get a second chance. Shihan Pace's system is awesome. Quick, simple and easy to learn."

Dr. Laurie LaSorsa, Chester, NJ

"Shihan Pace's method of teaching self defense is awesome. None of the fluff you get from most videos I've seen. Just real, down and dirty, street techniques that really work. Everyone should have his video."

G. Tizzano, Franklin, NJ

"... the best of the best. Finally some stuff that really works on the street."

C. Manzione, Vernon, NJ

"Using a technique I learned from Shihan Pace, I dropped a would be attacker with one well placed blow. This guy was twice my size."

T. Akos, Oak Ridge, NJ

"Shihan Pace is the real thing. His self defense system is quick, effective and powerful. I will only teach his techniques at my dojo."

T. Joseph, 4th Degree Black Belt, Fairfield, NJ

The two videos we have created for my students are now available to the general public on DVD or video. The first one is called...

Street Self Defense 101®
Volume I

"Defending Against the 30 Most Common Street Attacks"

Volume I contains step by step lessons to effectively learn and practice all of our Level 1 defenses including:
  • How to defend against the 30 most common street attacks!
  • Quick and effective escapes and releases from non life threatening "annoyance" attacks.
  • The art of using good verbal and spatial skills to prevent many assaults from becoming physical in the first place.
  • Defending against the 'sucker punch'! One of the most common attacks by muggers, brawlers and street criminals.
  • How to execute the "stop hit". This one stops them in their tracks!
  • Strategic Targeting techniques that will drop a man of any size.
  • Street defenses against a 'kicker'.
  • Triple your reaction time by watching certain movements.
  • Instant disabling techniques to drop even the biggest of attackers.
  • Defenses from chokes, headlocks and strangles.
  • Devastating counter attacks!
  • Defenses from on your back against punches and chokes.
  • Releases from collar grabs, full nelsons and arm locks.
  • Defending against clubs, sticks and bats.
  • Protecting yourself from the most common of all mugging attacks.
  • Pre-empting your attack at the right time!

Running time: Approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes

Volume II is called...

Street Self Defense 101®
Volume II

"Advanced Techniques Against the Most Common Street Attacks"

  • Easy to learn advanced techniques against the most common street attacks!
  • How to use every inch of your body to develop devastating power.
  • Using the "stop hit" to destroy your attacker!
  • Multiple defenses against the most common attacks.
  • Dealing effectively with distance.
  • How to defend against an attacker who attempts to pick you up... and slam you down.
  • Turning your attacker into a head first 'pile driver'.
  • How to anticipate certain types of attacks. This gives you an almost 'unfair advantage'.
  • Advanced techniques to defend against headlocks, chokes and strangles.
  • Simple throws against the common street attacks.
  • Multiple techniques against a good kicker.
  • Disarming and stopping an armed assailant.
  • Front and rear gun defenses.
  • Wiring in your self defense skills so they are automatic.
  • How to instantly disable even the toughest of street criminals.
  • Defending against the blade! Knife defenses you must know.
  • Plus much more...

Running time: Approximately 57 minutes

You'll learn all this quickly and easily, regardless of your athletic ability... in a way that's fun and exciting to practice. You'll be able to use these techniques the same day as you get the videos!

Have an unfair advantage over any attacker. These dynamic new videos, Street Self Defense 101®, Volume I and Volume II, are only $39.95 each but if you order by the deadline below, I will include both videos for the price of one! (Two VHS tapes or two DVDs -the DVDs are $2 extra).

My videos are a small price to pay for a little insurance. Look, we live in a dangerous world today. According to the F.B.I....

  • There is a violent crime every 22 seconds, 24 hours a day in the U.S.
  • In the year 2000 there were over fifteen thousand murders, almost two per hour!
  • 90,187 forcible rapes, one every six minutes!
  • Over 3,600 aggravated assaults and robberies every day! One every 24 seconds!
  • 49,000 car jackings and attempts of car-jacking!
  • One burglary every 15.4 seconds!
Here are a few comments from past buyers of our videos.

"I just gave my first self defense course to a group of home schooling moms here in San Antonio. They had a great time. I showed them your DVD's, and I encouraged them to go to your website and purchase them. I plan to really push your teaching program, because I think you are the best teacher out there. I have over 100 DVD's from various teachers, and Mike, you are the best."

John Axsom San Antonio, Texas

"I am 64 years of age...I have practiced the techniques in Street Self Defense and i remembered that Shihan Pace had said anything can be a weapon...I used the techniqes shown in the videos... Pace's techniques need but one word to describe them...."EFFECTIVE" Read the entire testimonial

Dan C. Corley, Midwest City, Oklahoma

"These videos are a life saver! I recently was able to fend off a street thug by simply showing the confidence I got from the tapes. By my attitude and demeanor, the thug decided I wasn't going to to a victim. Thanks!"

Richard Jorandby, Juniper, FL

"I am only 5' 1" and petite. I am glad I found something I can use in a real life situation. These videos are great!"

Lathsamee Sirowanta, Goleta, LA

"Your videos are great! I feel it took my confidence and ability to a whole new level. The videos are straight, concise and to the point. They show you exactly how to protect yourself. Thanks!"

John Dan Tobitt, Normandy, TN

"This video demonstrates "no-nonsense" self defense techniques. Shihan Pace does an excellent job of cutting away all of the frills and just teaching life saving techniques."

Chad Kroll, Mars Hill, NC

"Fantastic Videos! Very easy to understand, with concepts and techniques clearly demonstrated. These videos are invaluable for anyone looking to develop a new level of confidence in dealing with and defusing potentially hostile situations."

Mark Northam, Glendale, CA

"I've ordered other self defense tapes but Street Self Defense 101 is better than any I have seen. Very easy to learn and remember, must be the flow of the way that it is taught. Simple to learn, just as promised.!"

Ken R. Maret, Lincoln, NE

"These videos are great! The content was 'to the point' and easy to learn from. These two videos taught me more usable combat techniques in two hours then I have learned from from any martial arts class or the military."

Rob Rice, Greenville, NC

More Testimonials

While there are no guarantees in life, why not give yourself the best chance possible. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some training, this video set is for you. Don't put it off. Order my videos today. Take advantage of my two for one, limited time offer!

You get both videos, Street Self Defense 101® - Volume I "Defending Against the 30 Most Common Street Attacks" and Street Self Defense 101® - Volume II "Advanced Techniques Against the Most Common Street Attacks", well over two hours of information packed videos or DVD's, a $79.90 value, for the almost give away price of $39.95 plus $7.75 for shipping and handling.

Can this really work for you?

Can you you really learn from a video or must you have hands on instruction? The techniques I teach in Street Self Defense 101 are easy to learn, simple to execute and very effective.

We use the principle of 'point of reference repetition'. What this means is that while the initial response to various attacks may be somewhat different, the follow-up responses are the same or very similar. This requires that you learn many fewer techniques and makes learning much easier to remember.

We have heard from hundreds of satisfied buyers of our videos. Read what just a few of them are saying here.

Is ordering On-line and from us safe?

Our website uses a Verisign Secure server with 128 bit encryption. This means your personal information is kept safe and secure. We ship out our orders within a few days. Our company name, address and phone number are listed at the bottom of this page. Our bank is Lakeland Bank, in Vernon, NJ (973-764-3100). The branch manager is Jen Harkey.

Here is our guarantee!

Order your Street Self Defense 101® videos today. Watch them. Try them out. Practice my techniques for a full 90 days. And, if for any reason you feel they are not all I say they are and more. Or, you just don't feel they are worth every penny that you paid for them. Simply return them for a full, no questions asked, refund (less shipping).

You see, you have absolutely no risk. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply return the videos or DVDs.

Look, you don't need years of training. You don't have to be strong or fast. You just need the proper knowledge and to start practicing the right way to defend yourself on the street!

Free Bonus

If you order today, we will include about fifteen minutes of Special Bonus Footage (DVD only). See this technology in action.Watch as participants of special adrenal stress response training seminars "fight" off padded assailants with full power, all out attacks. See single and multiple attacks, ground fighting and weapon attacks. This exciting free bonus footage is available on DVD if you order today!

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